Show-reel Two

 Audio-visual and screen

This page features the video voice-over work and straight screen appearances I’ve been able to source.

Here I am as a documentary presenter – albeit with a slightly ‘spoof’ feel.

Here’s the real deal – the Kulula/Red Cross Children’s Hospital TV spot.
(I am incredibly proud to have been associated with this project!)


Here’s a home-produced promo video – ideal for mid-size business visibility.



Finally, for a (very!) fleeting appearance of Bob as ‘The Boss’, watch closely…


Dubbing and character voice

Here’s a video from Cape Town Audio Post, where I’ve been happily involved in dubbing mainly Iranian film and TV into English. You can catch me at time code 00:59 or thereabouts.

Is Bob the screen presence your next AV venture is simply crying out for?

For regular commercial broadcast work, contact Sharon at APM on 021 685 1910.

For stills (character model) work, contact Margie Ikin at M People on 021 439 1494

For other contingencies, email me at to get things moving.

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