Show-reel Three

Seeking Synergies

Bob is eager to bring his talents to bear and help make your next AV production a memorable success. Here are some sample production areas.

The audio clips on this page are all home recorded. If you commission a voice recording from me, this is the excellent quality you will receive. These recordings are mp3 files.

Training material presenter
The ‘Trainer’ voice is mature and knowledgeable but down to earth, and crystal-clear while still remaining sympathetic and encouraging.


      Training audio/video
Podcasts and radio magazine segments  
      Podcast/Radio spots
A lively, engaging journalistic tone matching target demographic, possibly with a regional accent.


IVR (interactive voice response and phone messages)
The required tone is measured, reassuring and fairly monotone.


Education audio books
      TEFL audio learning
Education audio is one area where the rest-of-the-world deserves 100% RP (received pronunciation)!


Audio tourism guides  
      Audio tourism guide
Here’s a sample read for an audio tourist guide.

Audio tour guides are often listened to by foreign visitors. A medium pace, level delivery and crystal-clear enunciation are essential.


Museum audio tour
      Museum audio tour
Here’s a sample read for a museum audio tour.

It’s vital the person who records your tour guide has some understanding of the content matter for the sense to get through.


Narration – audio books

The narrator/story-teller voice can vary greatly in involvement and energy, and is also an advertising staple.

This Sherlock Holmes read offers a fairly low-key sample.
      A Scandal in...
The opening of an  H H Munro story
      Filboid Studge
A non-fiction read
      Dietary guidelines
…and the greatest story ever told.
      The Gathering Storm




Bob has voiced a number of the famous Red Bull verse animations, sadly not available for private display, but here is a pitch in a similar vein.


      Narnia Grotto
Bob is a lector at St Michael and All Angels, Observatory, Cape Town.

Reading scripture demands conviction without theatrics, a mix which a voice artist hopefully brings to every read.


      Romans 8. 18

      Revelations 12. 7

Browse the clips for a reference voice to crystallize your ideas
and see how I can contribute to your next project.

YouTube podcast  A straight news item read for a Ukrainian site
      Ukraine - current affairs
Variety sampler  A voice bank required a variety of emotions.
      Variety sampler
Explainer videos  Pitches for freelance jobs – browse to see if this is what you’re looking for.

      Real estate promo
      Harman GPS
      Sales software

      Software explainer

I’m happy to do a sample read to see if I’m a fit for your project.
Contact me at bob@localhost/bob to find a way forward.

 Editing: a one-stop service

Wearing another hat, Bob Chappell operates as Wordsmith Editing Services. As an experienced educational editor, teacher and webmaster himself, Bob has considerable experience in troubleshooting communications.

Master of formal English but up to date as well, Bob can bring a critical eye (and ear!) to bear and can at your invitation check copy for grammar, idiom, readability and tone.

Go to press knowing your script is flawless. Contact the for complete peace of mind.

Project co-development

As a writer of considerable flair and a reliable and experienced on-screen presence, Bob might be just the presenter your project needs.

With professional experience in educational publishing, a teaching website of his own and multiple publications to his name, Bob knows what’s needed to take a project all the way to completion.

Feel free to get in touch with to brainstorm ways forward. Decades of experience both locally and internationally are just waiting to be tapped!.