Show-reel One

  Voice work – radio

Bob Chappell is an award-winning Cape Town ‘voice’. Here is a selection of his radio and AV voice-over work.

This just in! Three Lourie Award scripts by Gavin for FoxP2, recorded by Arnold at We Luv Jam.

Bearded Icarus
      Bearded Icarus
Cubicle Kingdom
      Cubicle Kingdom
Foot-rub Minstrel
      Foot-rub Minstrel

And some (slightly) older stuff.

Investing in wine? Don’t!
Savannah – It’s dry, but…,
      Savannah Dry
The Ministry Of Stuff
      Virgin Active
‘From The Pavilion’ 
      Cash Crusaders
“The Gothic Look” 
      Fair Lady
The Stay Now (formerly Safari Now) ‘Office pest’ campaign – featuring Bob’s voice – is proving very durable. Here are two of the ads currently flighting.
      The Chain Emailer
      The Office Microwaver
The ad on the right was a ‘pro bono’ – always ready to lend a voice to a good cause! (The ad won a Loerie best-in-category, btw.) ‘Gloria’s Got A Problem’
      Food Bank pro bono

Cape Town’s world-renowned Red Cross Children’s Hospital is a cause dear to every Capetonian’s heart. I’m very proud to have been asked to feature as their ‘voice’ from time to time. See the AV page (Show-reel Two) for the videos these soundtracks are edited from.

      Red Cross Children's Hospital
      ... with Kalula Airlines
Here are a couple of straight ‘announcer voice’ reads for Metropolitan Life.
      Metropolitan 1
      Metropolitan 2
And Bob’s ‘soft sell’ voice…
      American Suisse
Character voices

Here’s the full Attenborough – with a few UK regional accents voices thrown in.

      Naturalist/character voices

Can’t wait to get started? Who could blame you! For regular commercial broadcast work in South Africa, contact Sharon at APM, 021 685 1910. For other contingencies, mail me at to start a conversation.